Berard – The Mega Transport Experts – Austal LCS Coronado Loadout (1-9-12).wmv

Comments: – – I am proud to know that the U.S.S. Coronado lives on! I served on the Coronado twice, for a total of eight years. She went through many changes. Thank you Australia! Thank you for your service and dedication.  leaperman.

Nice move by Berard… for those who don’t like this LCS ship, it wasn’t built to be invincible (as no ship is), it was built to be deployed for purposed missions with interchangeable modules. to say it’s a lame, or sitting, duck is simply not true. for the missions this will conduct it is a very capable and adaptable ship with a very small radar image… and not hard to include missiles and CWIS for a more combat/defence role… this ship would likely defeat all other conventional designs of comparable size without even seeing them on the water… so what use is a conventional ωɑɾ ship with a deck gun except for scaring pirates?

Beautiful, but strange ‘Littoral’ included in this USN Combat Ship designation (primarily tasked in coastal zones, for close-in shoreline bombardment, surveillance, etc?) This beauty looks like it could take on an aircraft carrier, including it’s planes and destroyer escorts, and still survive!

Yes another great piece of Australian design, engineering and manufacture. Built in Western Australia since around 1995. Travelled with my car loaded on a civilian version back in 1996 from Melbourne to Tasmania. They also build the Australian Navy and Border Force patrol boats. Bet you Americans didn’t know that?

Also, A fair chunk of the design work happened using Aussie designers from Australia based out of Henderson as they had the most experience out of Austal divisions in military ships as well as civilian ships (The LCS-2 is based off of a similar shaped car/ferry)


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